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Animal Graspers Large Size Jaws

Large Jaw Animal Grasper

The New Billet Aluminum Animal Grasper that we have designed at Northern Industries has no equal on the market period!

These new Billet Graspers have the ability to be easily taken apart and replacement parts or larger or smaller jaws put into place. You can buy complete assemblies such as the Handle Assembly Complete with Threaded Aluminum Tube and Black Handle, or the Animal Grasper End Assembly Complete with Cable and Spring, and merely loosen a couple Allen bolts from the ends, remove the cover plates, lift the cable off of the handle lever, unscrew the end assemblies, pull apart, then replace parts in opposite order and you've got yourself a completely new pole or half of a pole depending on what you buy.


You can also buy all parts separately if you would like or if complete assemblies are not needed. These poles are almost as easy to replace one part at a time as it is to replace the assemblies, we designed these poles for anyone to be able to replace any part. You will notice there are small Allen bolts and larger shoulder bolts on both the Handle Assembly and the Grasper End Assembly, the larger shoulder bolts don't even need to be loosened to take the pole apart and replace most parts, this takes the pain of compressing and replacing the spring out of it, unless you are just replacing the spring and cable assembly. Even this is an easy job since it just slides into place once you've taken the cover plates off.

The Heavy Duty Animal Graspers are available to purchase with smaller jaws, which are the same size as all other cast grasper jaws on the market, or Large Jaws which are completely new to the market. These are the new Large Jaws Animal Graspers and they make it possible to use your graspers on much larger animals, and being that all of our Graspers are made from tempered billet aluminum, they will handle almost any animal with ease. The aluminum tube that is used on these poles is the same that is used in our animal control poles so you know that these tubes can also handle any animal, and on these tubes is the same style grip anywhere rubber textured grip that is on our animal control pole for extra leverage when handling any animal. The only thing that limits the size of your animal on your grasper is how strong your grip is, however we have a locking version to lock around the animals neck until you release it in the works, STAY TUNED!!!