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Original Animal Control Poles

The "Original Animal Control Pole” is the same animal control pole you have been ordering from Tomahawk Live Trap since 1993.

These poles feature very strong aircraft quality aluminum parts that are now machined in house out of T6 6061 aluminum. The cables of the “Original” poles are coated on one end to protect the animal’s hair from being pulled out, and have a deluxe collared “Head Assembly” to swivel all around the animal control pole for complete maneuverability when trying to secure an animal. This swivel “Head Assembly” also serves to keep the cable from kinking.

The other end of this cable features a unique thumb loop to easily and quickly pull the cable to secure the “Original Animal Control Pole” around the animal. This thumb loop also serves to protect the user from getting slapped by the cable upon releasing the tension of the locked cable from around the animal. The user simply keeps his/her thumb through the loop and using the same hand, pulls the release knob. This keeps the cable somewhat taught at the end of the poles release, and keeps the loop around your thumb not giving it the slack needed for the user to get slapped. The “Original Animal Control Poles” also feature long foam rubber grips that actually increase grip when damp.

The forward grip is a longer grip that gives the user the ability to grip the animal control pole in the most comfortable place. The “Original Animal Control Pole” features a spring loaded “Locking Device” that holds the cable in any position the user pulls it to. This locking device is made with high quality chrome bearings and has holes on either side of the pole under the “Release Knob” to keep your “Locking Device” lubricated and for easy parts replacement if needed. The “Locking Device” will lock the cable securely around the animal until the “Release Knob” is pulled releasing the spring loaded coated cable’s tension from around the animal instantly.

This pole also features a very durable “Tooth Guard”, on the swivel “Head Assembly” end to keep the animal from injuring its teeth while the user is trying to secure it.

The prices for the ”Original Animal Control Poles” are listed below.