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Original Extension Animal Control Poles

The "Original Extension Animal Control Pole” has all the great features of the “Original Animal Control Pole” but more. These poles have the ability to extend to make the pole longer if needed.

These poles work just like all the other poles we manufacture, pull the thumb loop and the other loop end locks into place. The “Locking Chuck Mechanism” is made of high quality Aluminum and Brass to last practically forever and makes it possible to lock the pole in any extended position the user needs. When these poles are not extended, they are very strong, having two tubes, one inside the other, doubles the strength.

The smaller diameter of the aluminum tubes on these poles are the same tubes used on the ”Heavy Duty Animal Control Poles” adding further strength to these poles.

The 7 to 12 foot “Original Extension Animal Control Pole” is great to have for getting animals out of trees and drainage ditches.

The 4 to 6 foot “Original Extension Animal Control Pole” is great to have in any situation because of its added strength and the ability to extend while still being in a compact package.

The prices for the “Original Extension Animal Control Poles” are listed below.