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Pro Live Traps with Double Doors

Live Trapss

The Professional Double Door Trap is the perfect trap for the person who is going to use this trap over and over again for years for that timid Squirrel, Skunk, cat, rabbit, even raccoon or similar sized animal, and not even have to treat this trap with kit gloves to still have it work perfect every time! These traps were designed by me at Tomahawk Live Trap years ago with the person who traps for a living in mind. They work exactly like the standard Two door traps but will be able to handle much more abuse without flinching!

Professional Double Door Live Traps are made just like the Standard Double Door Live Traps but they include tighter mesh so the animal can't reach out of the trap once its caught and bring everything it can inside of the trap with it. These traps also utilize Extra Reinforcing U-Bars or rods welded around the trap and doors.

Double Trap Door traps are unique since the animal can see right through the trap and think they can just walk right through. This is exceptional on timid animals or ones that have been trapped before. These traps also work great in place of an inhumane snare, you can place these traps in a runway where a snare would normally be used. Northern Industries Live Traps with two trap doors are set by simply locating which door has the trigger rod attached to it and to the opposite door you push in on the outer safety door, now with the safety door in, pull up on the complete two part V door, now do the same to the other door while holding the first trap door up into place, now motion the trigger loop forward, the second trigger rod is attached to this and the mesh treadle is attached to that. Motioning it forward should be hooking the trigger around the brass roller bearing. Your trap is now set and ready to put the desired bait under the treadle and behind it. Live Traps are a great alternative to other types of body hold or leg hold traps. What makes a live trap unique, is that you can actually see the animal you have in your trap before there is a chance of hurting its leg or even killing it if its the wrong type or too small or even somebody's family pet. But, To keep your trap up to its name, "Live" trap, you must check it at least every day and more if in a sunny area.

The Northern Industries Double Door traps are designed by one of the former owners of Tomahawk Live Trap. I have taken all the best aspects of the traps from my former company that everyone loves and used them on these new traps; we used the brass roller bearing on the trigger rest, the trigger, the trigger rod, the strength rods and u-bars being welded in the same spots, the same springs on the same door, right down to the same 1940s spot welders to weld everything together, totally reconditioned to look and work like new, we even use the same clips to clip everything together. Unlike most of my competitors, I use an American wire mesh company, AND an American wire rod company. You see I believe in trying to preserve and use the knowledge my father Greg Smith Jr. handed down to me to make my products the same way he did, but am always improving my products with every trapper I talk too.

Now lets talk about the differences in my new traps and the traps I used to Manufacture.

My New Traps are made with galvanized after the weld steel mesh that's Made in America for starters. We utilize a reinforced mesh treadle, or trip pan, as some call it. This treadle is almost invisible as it blends right into the surrounding trap mesh, making it less likely for the animal to step over it. This see through treadle also makes it possible to put your bait directly under it so the animal can see and smell your bait on the way into the trap. The under treadle placement of the bait also makes it possible for the animal to reach through the mesh treadle, tripping off the trap and catching your animal!

On the larger style traps we utilize a mesh handle guard also, we believe that this instead of a sheet metal handle guard intimidates the animal less making it more likely for the animal to walk into the trap.

The Most Important Difference is Northern Industries Traps are 20% Less!!!