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Push to Inject Syringe Poles

Push to inject Syringe Poles

The ”Push to Inject Syringe Poles”, are a good inexpensive alternative to the other Syringe poles we manufacture. You simply fill the 3cc or 12cc syringe with your injectable, and push the needle into the animal and inject all at the same time. These poles are made out of a very strong nylon material that is a little flexible but almost impossible to break, with an easy grip handle on the non-syringe end.

These syringes are used frequently right through a humane live trap to put the animal down humanely and legally or to inject a sleeping agent to easier work on an injured animal. The 3cc syringe works great through 1/2” holes, while the 12cc works great through 1” holes.

“The Push to Inject Syringe Pole” is available in a 36 inch length in either 12cc or 3cc for $51.49 and in a 16 inch length in either 12cc or 3cc and sells for $37.57.