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Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole

Telescoping Push to injec Syringe Poles

"The “Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole”, is a very heavy duty syringe pole that extends and telescopes from 4 feet to 8 feet long. These poles are made of Aircraft Quality aluminum and stainless steel.

The” Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole”, is a great choice for very long distance injections such as in zoo enclosures and farm enclosures. The poles themselves are made of a heavy duty thick walled aluminum tubing with an all metal, aluminum and brass locking mechanism to last practically forever, unlike some of the competition that uses modified thin walled net poles with plastic locking mechanisms.

The materials used in these poles are; the exact type of locking extension mechanism, and thick walled heavy duty aluminum tubing that is used in our extension animal control poles and they hold alligators, dogs and the like at bay, with no problems. The Syringe assembly itself comes off of the pole for safe keeping and preloading with the push of a spring tensioned button.

The syringe assembly of the “Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole” comes with a guard to hold the needle safely in place, this is great when using at long distances. This needle guard keeps the needle from breaking off inside of the animal, and keeps the syringe from going in to far creating a large entrance wound. This is a real problem with some of the competitions syringe poles.

The “Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole”, sells for $102.97 Telescoping Push to Inject Syringe Pole, 6 to 11 feet long with a 12cc syringe assembly $102.97 "