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Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole

Thumb Trigger Syringe Poles

The ”Thumb Trigger Syringe Poles” operate just like a doctor’s syringe with a lot more distance to work with. You simply inject the animal with the needle and gently press the thumb plunger on the other end. This quick and simple injection takes all the pressure off of the needle, leaving no need for a needle guard.

The entire assembly is able to be disinfected to stop cross contamination from animal to animal. “The Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole” is available with 12cc or 3cc syringes in the various lengths listed. “The Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole” is made of Machined Aircraft Quality aluminum, Machined Galvanized steel, and a standard Monoject Syringe.

My Professionally machined “Thumb Trigger Syringe Pole” sells for $89.00